Port Charlotte, Florida 33948, United States



Proud Partners of the Centennial 2021 committee

Although we are 14,000 years in the making...

We are pleased to be a partner in the Charlotte County Centennial 2021 Committee. Though the Charlotte Harbor area has turned 100, 140 times since being settled, it will be a great opportunity to celebrate the county's rich and unique history. The heartland of the Calusa, the area has been favored by and considered home by a diverse collection of homesteaders, fishing the waters and cultivating the lands. The Charlotte Harbor Anthropological Society is dedicated to telling all the stories of all the people who called the land home.

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In 1920, voters went to the polls and after twenty years, elected the person who would finally get them independence from the DeSoto County political machine. The following year Charlotte County and four other south Florida counties were divided from their larger county. The man of the hour, was Captain Frank Marion Cooper, who owned the local hardware store in Punta Gorda and served as state senator for DeSoto County. Unfortunately, Senator Cooper passed away suddenly just months after the political victory.